Tracing Mobility Warsaw- Evasion Training Camp for Escapists

16 Jul 2010 to 18 Jul 2010 00:00 - 20:00 The Knot : Praga Północ : Warsaw : Poland
Tracing Mobility Warsaw- Evasion Training Camp for Escapists

Image: James Kennard; photo by Karen Fraser

Following hot on the heels of R8R’s success with Tracing Mobility in the UK, the Nottingham festival broadcasts a call to the faithful next week from Poland. From 16 to 18 July, Radiator joins up with the recently billeted Knotland in Warsaw and begins training recruits for flight and fright.

Heath Bunting (UK) & James Kennard (UK)
Bunting and Kennard’s 2 day workshop distils the skills needed for war games or people trafficking into a weekend cocktail of endurance at the fringes of Warsaw’s public spaces. Using only their wits and materials to hand, participants learn to live and travel beyond the reach of the net, skulking in the blind spots of societal control before slipping through the gaping holes left by bureaucratic eddies.

While acquiring weapon and map making skills, those thinking of beginning a life on the run can also pick up important information about how to read a map of one’s social stratification – useful, we imagine, for your defence plea. For those wishing to stay underground longer, establishing a fake identity and travelling for free with forged documents turns out to be child’s play.

Featuring practical demonstrations of ‘the living larder’, ‘river crossing to freedom’ and ‘postal addresses from the edge’, this workshop offers the knowledge for staying mobile to those that rarely make it out of the office.

Workshop Times
Friday 16th of July  - presentation at 8pm

Saturday 17th of July  - 12am to 5pm

Sunday 18th of July – 12am to 5pm


Taking place at The Knot, Praga Północ, Warsaw, Poland

To book a place in advance, please email

The Knot is a mobile production and events platform coordinated by Goethe-Institute Warsaw in cooperation with Polnisches Institut Berlin, Association, Bucharest and Raumlabor Berlin

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