Romana Schmalisch

10 Jun 2010 19:00 - 22:00 Lace Market Theatre : Halifax Place : Nottingham : United Kingdom
Romana Schmalisch


Romana Schmalisch: Mobile Cinema

This will be the closing event to the month long “Tracing Mobility” programme, organised by Trampoline throughout Nottingham this May.

The “Mobile Cinema” is an apparatus that unites experimental lecturing and moving to different places. To be more concrete: it is a reconstruction of a film prop from Alexander Medvedkin’s film “The New Moscow” (1938): a projection and viewing table where an engineer on his journey to Moscow presents his designs and urban visions for the new city – a bizarre model that is somewhere between urban model, cinema, and plate camera.

Similar to the engineer in the film, the artist travels to various places with the “Mobile Cinema” and presents a film archive developed for it. The archive comprises films and filmic research on urban space and urban visions, sequences from feature films, texts and quotations. The various films and also previously unused footage, which the artist regards as an archive, are combined to a cinematographic collage. The film clips address in different ways the changes of urban space and the social changes that come with them.

To date, the “Mobile Cinema” Zurich, Moscow, Rome, Bucharest, Kaliningrad, Vilnius, Kaunas, Warsaw, Berlin Muzychi, Kiev, London, Paris and Yerevan.

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