Radical Cartography

14 May 2010 to 16 May 2010 12:00 - 21:00 Broadway Cinema : 14-18 Broad Street : Nottingham : United Kingdom
Radical Cartography

A presentation of contemporary practice investigating mapping, cartography and topographical explorations. This participatory exhibition will feature the work of four practitioners who’s work examines emerging techniques for making tangible the invisible layers within our physical environment; uncovering hidden terrains and readdressing our social and physical relationships with technology and designed space.

Nikki Pugh | Location Aware

Venue: Scheduled walk across the city at 11am plus walks throughout the day
Booking: To join Nikki on this first walk at 11am please visit: locationaware.eventbrite.com

For Territorial play, Pugh will conduct a series of walks whilst carrying a satellite navigation device in each hand. Glitches in the technology and interference from the physical landscape result in anomalies in the data recorded by each device. As the journey is repeated and the resulting data overlaid, unique generative drawings are produced that reveal relationships between the fabric of the city and the behaviour of the technology.


Mark Selby | Camera Explora

12:00pm, 2:00pm, 4:00pm
Venue: Exploration across City
Booking: To sign up as part of a test group visit: cameraexplora.eventbrite.com

Mark Selby creates speculative design prototypes that draw upon emotional relationships with technology. For Territorial Play he has developed a prototype camera, a Camera Explora, that uses photography as tool for exploration. Each camera comes with a map of a city to which the camera is configured, and allows one photo for each grid square on the map. When that photograph has been taken the camera is disabled until the next square is reached. In the gallery space, machines plot the photographers’ routes throughout the city, the drawings are overlaid onto the map and the photos are printed and labelled with their corresponding grid reference.

Gordan Savicic | Constraint City – the pain of everyday life

2:00pm until 4:00pm
Venue: Timed walks from Broadway Media Centre
Booking: Trampoline is looking for volunteers to try out the device and experience the invisible. To volunteer or reserve a space on the walk please email marie@radiator-festival.org or telephone 0115 850 7839

Savicic’s ‘Constraint City’ is an interactive performance using volunteers and a high torque, WiFi enabled corset to address the paradigm shift between public and private space by forcing invisible architecture directly onto the human body. Gordan Savicic is an artist playing with software algorithms, experimental media and fine art. His works includes game art, interactive/passive installations and speculative hardware.

Chris Cuellar | The Artist is Not Present

Venue: Live networked performance, Chicago/Nottingham

This piece is performed in conjunction with the School of the Art Institute of Chicago’s 2010 MFA exhibition. Information detailing the artist’s physical location will be streamed every thirty seconds into both the Broadway Media Centre and the Louis Sullivan Gallery in downtown Chicago for the duration of the day. Locations will be accompanied by a continuous stream of verbal commentary, transmitted via SMS messaging, allowing remote audiences a more intimate access into personal psycho-geographical space.

Chris Cuellar is an artist currently based in the American midwest. His current work aims to explore the ongoing transformation of live presence by current trends in geolocative social networking, asking what it might mean to read a person or landscape like a news feed.

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