Public Domain

13 May 2010 to 16 May 2010 22:00 - 22:00 Broadway Cinema : 14-18 Broad Street : Nottingham : United Kingdom
Public Domain

Various Locations
A presentation of site-responsive work exploring ideas around public and private space.

Bill Balaskas | This is a Public Space

Venue: Broadway Media Centre

New urbanity, contemporary lifestyle and the politics of terror have substantially transformed the way we conceptualize our environments and ourselves. “This is a public space” attempts to expose the ambiguities emerging from the characterization of spaces as “public” and to argue for the expansion of their definition, as a means for their democratization.

Bill Balaskas is a London-based video artist and writer. Despite being thematically and formally diverse, his videos and installations are predominantly occupied by the effort to subvert situations and images drawn from contemporary visual culture. The main “tools” that materialize this effort are the ideas of fragmentation (both literally and metaphorically) and irony.

Joanna Warsza | Take Caring

14 May 5:00pm / 15 May 7:00pm
Venue: More details to be announced

Joanna Warsza is an artist who’s work bridges performing and participatory art with everyday life, producing actions in public space, conceptual exhibitions, participatory events and performances.

Polish emigrants to the UK have a peculiar semi-émigré status, coming from the recent borders of the EU: Eastern Europe is not an archetypal post-colonial origin, explaining and allowing the oversaturation of job seekers in the UK. Euro-mobility has become the new problem phenomenon, skulking in the shadows of the latest UK elections. But in fact, Polish immigrants are very much in demand, most of them performing many of the care and service jobs in the UK: building, fixing, serving, helping, maintaining and caring. During the Tracing Mobility symposium, Joanna Warsza will stage several micro-situations with Polish employees, such as plumbers, cleaners, builders, security guards, bus drivers and others, in and around the building of Nottingham Contemporary

Paul Jones: Boundary Displacement Exercise (Exclave)

All Day
Location: More details to be announced.

On 14th May 2010 an enclave of Flintshire, North Wales will be activated at a specific location in the city of Nottingham. Under Welsh sovereignty this enclave will act as a site for dialogue where notions of borders, territory and identity can be addressed.

Borders are prevalent throughout Paul Jones’ practice, in terms of geography, language, and the swiftness at which one can change from being a citizen to being a foreigner. His work includes techniques such as performing fieldwork; creating dialogues; mapping and navigating.

Kasia Krakowiak | Liberating space through art and action: The all.FM Promised Land

13 – 16 May 10:00am – 6:00pm
Venue: Various Locations & Radio Frequencies

Nottingham hosts one of the largest Polish communities in the UK. Radio all.FM invites them all back home to Poland, using words of encouragement drawn from propaganda posters that urged Poles to return to territories recovered after WWII. These siren’s calls emanate from a mobile transmitter wheeled in a shopping bag, affecting any radio set within a 30m radius.

All.FM’s interventions can be heard everyday from 13 to 16 May between 10 and 6 pm. A live transmission may be experienced in Broadway Media Centre, Nottingham, on May 14.

The broadcast can be picked up through car radios along our predetermined route.
Visit for further details.

Radio all.FM will be taking to Nottingham’s streets as a human antenna, broadcasting at close-range. If your radio starts behaving strangely, you can assume she is in the area.

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