Out of the wilderness: Daniel Belasco Rogers MRL Residency

15 May 2010 09:30 - 22:00 Nottingham Contemporary : Weekday Cross : Nottingham : United Kingdom
Out of the wilderness: Daniel Belasco Rogers MRL Residency

Following a period of research in the wilderness whilst embarking on artist’s retreat Going Solo, Daniel Belasco Rogers will develop his findings into new work whilst in residence at Nottingham University’s Mixed Reality Lab (MRL). Daniel Belasco Roger’s will be talking about his experiences at the Tracing Mobility Symposium on May 15 at Nottingham Contemporary during the Uneven Geographies exhibition.

MRL hosts this unique artist’s residency with the artist Daniel Belasco Rogers from plan b. plan b is a collaboration between Belasco Rogers and the artist Sophia New. They create installations, work on paper, durational performances, locative media projects, walking and theatre pieces. Mixed Reality Lab is an experimental research lab looking at Human Computer interaction (HCI) which provides artist’s residencies that utilise their facilities and technical expertise.

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The Symposium is a free event related to Nottingham Contempory’s forthcoming Uneven Geographies exhibition. Booking is essential

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For more information about plan b’s work planbperformance.net/
You can find out more about MRL and it’s research by visiting mrl.nott.ac.uk/

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