Cartography and Migration in Networked Space

15 May 2010 09:30 - 19:00 Nottingham Contemporary : Weekday Cross : Nottingham : United Kingdom
Cartography and Migration in Networked Space


registration from 9.30 am

10am to 7pm, 15 May
Nottingham Contemporary


Tracing Mobility, the first of Radiator’s three international symposia, examines the emergence of a new art space, a space born out of the technology used to control and divide society. Taking place at Nottingham Contemporary on Saturday 15 May to coincide with the Uneven Geographies exhibition.

Participants include; Frank Abbott (UK); Active Ingredient (Rachel Jacobs); Steve Benford (UK); Heath Bunting (UK); Simon Faithfull (UK/DE); James Kennard (UK); plan b (Sophia New & Dan Belasco Rogers) (UK/DE); Robin Bhattacharya (UK/CH); Kasia Krakowiak (PL); Krzysztof Nawratek (PL/UK); Kate Rich (UK); Michelle Teran (CA/DE); Open_Sailing (Ollie Palmer) (UK); Gordan Savicic (AT/NL); Trebor Scholz (US); Basak Senova (TR); Société Réaliste (HU/FR); Joanna Warsza (PL); Mushon Zer-Aviv (IL/US)

Presentations by artists and speakers from diverse fields as geography, urban theory and computer science will explore what constitutes being nomadic these days and how developments in networked and open source infrastructure are transforming our expectations of ‘Place’.

Panel Outlines

Travellers and Traffickers: Fantastic Voyages Outside of the Network

Introduction (chair: Christine White)

  • Jen Southern
  • Sophia New and Dan Belasco Rogers (plan b)
  • Kate Rich
  • Simon Faithfull (remote)

Location aware technologies have provided us with the means to avoid the normal routes when travelling. In a similar way, artists are setting out to trade and travel along roads which take them away from the grid. Using informal networks and peculiar bearings, each traces their own path on journeys which may last a life time.

Space Invasion: Exposing Unexpected Territories

Introduction (chair: Christine White)

  • Basak Senova
  • Kasia Krakowiak
  • Ollie Palmer (Open_Sailing)
  • Gordan Savicic
  • Filippo Dal Fiore (remote)

Electronic networks have given rise to new systems of collaborating and laid down the foundations for an expanded cultural sphere. As a result, unexpected places are being designed, discovered and utilised from where real world interventions can be launched.

Hybrid Zones: Transit Camps for Digital Migrants

Introduction (chair: Christine White)

  • Krzysztof Nawratek
  • Trebor Scholz
  • Rachel Jacobs (Active Ingredient)
  • Steve Benford (MRL)

Urged into movement through necessity or lifestyle, we are forced to leave the details of our lives in fluid and temporary repositories. Different cultures and time zones are catapulted into the same confines, creating megalopolises of data that fester and factionalise, leading to both terrible and beautiful consequences.

Radical Cartography: Charting Empires’ Fall

Part 1

Part 2

Introduction (chair: Mushon Zer-Aviv)

  • Mushon Zer-Aviv
  • Jean-Baptiste Naudy (Société Réaliste)
  • Heath Bunting
  • Robin Bhattacharya
  • James Kennard

Post Imperial maps of the world are being drawn up using the alleyways and rat runs ignored by empire’s former hubris. Now, using modern technologies, artists are able to overlay their maps over the standard projection, revealing an ocean of ignorance and bliss.

Part 3 & Round Up

With Heather Cororan, Verina Gfader and Rob van Kranenburg


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